Wow, it’s so sad about Aaliyah and the plane crash. Why does it take a tragedy for people to see life how it really is? How fragile we are, how quickly it can end before it’s even begun? I wonder if someone didn’t get a chance to make things right with her. And now she’s gone. Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s really not worth it. Life is too short and precious to argue, fight, fuss, bitch, or be angry all the time. And life is too short to allow yourself to be constantly unhappy. Yeah, it was pretty much of a wake up call for me. If something happened to me tomorrow, would I have been happy about the way I have lived my life. The answer: a big, resounding NO. I wouldn’t be happy about always bowing to everyone else’s wishes, always saying yes no matter how I feel, always holding my feelings in so I don’t make anyone else angry. And always bitching and complaining about everything wrong in my life instead of DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Time waits for no one, and time doesn’t care about your own selfish needs and petty wants. If I want out of this relationship, I need to get up and get out, because I don’t want to have to live with an eternity of regrets.

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