OK, so I have been promising myself I would write more in THIS section. Even if I am the only one who knows it is here. But my life is so boring. And I definitely want to get away from the kinds of self-pitying, endlessly-whining posts I seem to have written so far. What to do, what to do? Well, I DID promise I would write more about my visit with Craig. Oh, it was so nice seeing him again. I feel like I can just be MYSELF, without any wondering if that alone is good enough. With him, it is.

Damn, it’s too bad we never got together. We probably would have been perfect for each other. LoL

Anyway, so he lives with his brother Chris and his wife Kristen (cute, Chris and Kristen hehehe). And when we were there, Chris’s daughter from a previous relationship, Marissa, was there. Damn, what a beautiful kid. Very tall too. More than a head taller than Gregory, and she is about 6 months younger than him! LoL. So of course the two of them got along famously. They played games the entire time. Spent like an hour putting the pieces of “Mousetrap” together. They played the Mad Magazine game with Chris. LMAO, Chris got a card where he had to sit cross-legged on his knees, fold his arms like wings and cluck like a chicken. Pure comedy!

So they live in a two-family house, and Craig and Chris’s Dad lives upstairs. Since the last time I was there, they transformed the basement into a big game/rec room (for grown-ups lol), with a pool table, and a bar area. So awesome! I can’t wait to go again. And while I was there, Craig actually whipped his Dad’s butt in pool! I am told this rarely if ever happens, so I think I must be good luck. =D Great sound system down there too. Even that generated comedy though. Craig tells me that ANY song there is can be made better by adding the words “mother fucker” to it. Try it, it really works!! Ahahahaha!

Another amazing thing about being there was that the baby slept ALL night! Usually when we are not home, he always wakes up at least once. Not there though. He and Gregory slept on an air mattress, and I guess it must have been really comfortable. Gregory, of course, didn’t go to bed until like 10:30, and even then he and Marissa were fighting it hard. But they finally went, and then me and Craig goofed around with the cam. LoL, we were cracking up so much we had a hard time taking pictures hehe. Then we stayed up until like 4 AM just shooting the breeze, talking about anything and everything, looking at the computer, books, music, TV……damn. I miss him already. Ah, well, I will force him to let us visit again soon, and when I finally get my car he won’t be able to keep us away mwahah! (Of course, he is probably reading this and laughing his butt off :P)

So the next morning I had to get up at 7:30 with Donovan (wow, he got up later than usual yay!). Finally got up out of bed and made our way into the living room, where Gregory and Marissa were ALREADY trying to put the Mousetrap game together again. LoL. Kristen was so very nice and cooked breakfast for everyone. Craig still wasn’t up. So, Donovan needed a nap, so I laid him down next to Craig. Guess what? Not three minutes later, here he comes! “I kept getting kicked in the head.” LMAO! Good for you, Donovan. I knew those wild sleeping ways would come in handy one day. So then we had to leave WAY too early, because it was the last travelling day after Thanksgiving. And, of course, I haven’t heard form him since! Typical man! LoL!

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