Yes, I am actually here blogging on Christmas Eve. When I have so much other stuff to do. LoL. So sue me. I wanted to get this out before I forgot what I wanted to say. So yesterday I took the kids to go see Lord of the Rings. Oh gosh, I didn’t think I would see a movie so soon that would top Harry Potter, but this was it. Gorgeous set. Wonderful acting. Great animation. Horrifyingly realistic battle sequences. They even managed to sneak a little bit of romance in there. LoL. Ah, Hollywood. Of course there was the usual movie-making mumbo-jumbo, just like in Harry Potter, but I am afraid you cannot escape that (Gee, I am getting a deja-vu feeling from when I talked about Harry Potter hehehe). They did manage to follow the storyline, if not the book PRECISELY. But, hey, this movie was even longer than Harry Potter, at three hours and ten minutes, but even that wouldn’t be enough to fit EVERYTHING of Tolkien’s book in, so they are forgiven. Go see it! I heartily recommend it.
So anyways, with that, Happy Holidays, my friends, and I will see you after tomorrow! =)

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