I should have posted this at the START of Kwanzaa, but there were just so many other things going on in my head…..
Sympatico Wishes you a Happy Kwanzaa
Today is Day 6 of Kwanzaa – Kuumba(Creativity) — to always do the best we can to leave our community more beautiful than when we inherited it.
This year is about the third year in a row I have seriously attempted the Kwanzaa celebration, at least with Gregory. But I think this may be the first year we have REALLY gotten into the true meaning of it. We seem to get all into these deep conversations about the meaning of each day, and what we can do as a family or an individual to improve upon each of the principles. It’s just great. Although, between all the holidays we observe now, Yule, Xmas(at least the gift-giving part of it), and Kwanzaa, my kids are going to start thinking they are going to get a gift EVERY day! Hahahaha…NOT. Thank goodness their birthdays are way far away from now. =)

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