Daily Affirmation:
…first, breathe.
In so doing,
you remind yourself,
your physical being-ness that you are,
at this moment,
Your soul and your spirit are *not* broken, as yet you live and breathe. And your heart??
What if the pain you are now feeling is not the sharp rocks breaking your back after you naively took a leap of faith– but
poking through and opening out to catch the breeze below you. This is the moment when the Beloved is holding you the closest. The yearning and hurt you now feel is your soul’s reaching out to be held, and Spirit is here, and will answer your heart’s cry. This experience is going to transform you, to kill you and re-form you anew, for the highest good…and all will be well.
I believe this change is for the highest good, as all change is, even if, as of right now, we’re too close to see the pattern of the mosiac tiles laid in place around this particular moment. I believe it signals the potential for a new beginning, a further birthing of your highest self– if you dare. The way you demonstrate your willing soul, o beloved, is to keep on breathing.
This, too shall pass.
Blaming yourself for what you think you caused to manifest, does *not* serve you, at all. At this moment, however, you do have a choice- you can allow yourself to get caught up in the anger loop, which, really, is fear wearing a fancy disguise… or you can draw closer to Spirit, however Spirit manifests to you.
This situation is, for some reason, manifesting so that you can demonstrate your mastery over it, learning and growing through witnessing yourself and those around you. I firmly believe that when one door closes, there’s a window opening somewhere, for the highest good.
Hang on, dear heart.
When the ocean of emotions in motion crashes over you, know that it will pass, and that all will be well again. May you learn whatever lessons your soul has chosen, quickly, and go on from this uncomfortable place, into the light which is your nature. Know that you are not, and have never been, alone.

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