138 is your Ultimate IQ score.
Your Intellectual Type is a Visual Mathematician. Interesting…
Like Albert Einstein, you have a strong ability to process visual-spatial and mathematical information. These skills combined with your strengths in logic are what make you a visual mathematician.
You’re able to understand patterns visually and in numbers. That means your mind can create a mental picture for any problem. In addition to that skill, you possess an intelligence that allows you to apply math to that picture, too. That helps you manipulate multiple parts of the picture (or problem) to come up with a solution.
You have many skills that are critical to success and problem-solving. Your talents help you understand the “big picture,” which is partly why people may turn to you for direction

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jema · January 24, 2002 at 8:16 am

i always knew you were a smart cookie:-)
i took one of them on-line tests once – got a baffling score wich would be too high even if i had taken the thing in swedish! but ain’t it great to have ones ego stroked now and then?
i luuuv iq tests;-)

brandy · January 25, 2002 at 4:03 pm

wow, you be smart n’ stuff. πŸ™‚

Nathaniel · March 16, 2002 at 10:36 pm

I was strolling through the web after taking that exact same IQ test with the exact same results except for 4 less IQ points. I noted that the “Visual Mathematician” part was certainly interesting. If you truely look at it you will notice how this explains a decent bit of your life’s perceptions, at least it did for me. It is rather shocking though to a certain extent. Along with Einstein I feel Aleister Crowley was a Visual Mathematician then again these IQ tests are reletive. *Grin* How ironic?

warpull · July 15, 2002 at 4:54 pm

i’ve read that think they allow people to believe they have some smarts so you’ll send them money.Too many high iq’s out there to be high iq’s. 😎

Demetrio · August 13, 2002 at 6:17 pm

English is my 2nd languaje, so sorry for my errors.
I like the point of view of Jema. That has much to do.
Personallu I think that you can use your ability to see and analize the world taking some risk expressing your points of view in public.
Search for important problems, study and read a lot about it, change the way the rest are focusing the problem, and express what you discover taking the risk of open criticism.
Luck with that, and answer if any good…

Valentino · October 25, 2002 at 9:39 pm

so if i am a visual mathematican what does that mean, am i a brain.

Vincent · November 12, 2002 at 7:16 am

How nice to be a visual mathematician. I scored at an official iqtest in the highest 2 % (=130+), but with the emode one an iq of 124.
Now i will find a job in that direction, but what job ??
I dunno.
Best wishes,

Will · November 18, 2002 at 7:17 pm

If I am a visual mathematician does that mean that I would make a good pilot?

Steven Wallace · December 1, 2002 at 5:37 pm

I scored 136 as a Visual Mathematician too. What do I do with this talent – work for the CIA? Maybe I can do like Russell Crowe (Beautiful Mind) and decipher complex patterns … I really do wonder about thhis
Any ideas?

Anonymous · December 2, 2002 at 6:32 pm

Hello all, i’m french, so sorry for my poor english. I just took emode IQ test, and some other IQ test. Like all of you, it’s seem i’m a visual mathematician. What does that mean ? Nothing. That don’t mean we are smarter than other peoples. I just mean, we had an ability to understand faster and deeper where other people would understand slowest than us. And thinking deeper than other, sometime, can bring us to error. Then, you think you had always the right answer, and then.. you become a dumbass cuz you dont want to heard what other people had to say. The real intelligence is not IQ test. The real intelligence are when people think, and then, do all they can to live with their conviction. When youre humble of whats you know and doesnt think you a big brain. When you respect other people for what they think, without bother them because you think youre the smart guy because of an IQ test. Real intelligence is the respect. But that is just my opignion. I hope you enjoy reading that comment. If you had comment of what i just say, just write me a mail. Thks

Alex-S · December 5, 2002 at 6:36 pm

Hello,I am from Greece(erros may occur) and i too have scored an IQ test above 130 (131 to be exact). The description of a visual mathematician matches myself excactly at the following points: – The ‘big picture’ -> everyday people at work turn to me for a solution (they probalby know that i will find one in 1/10 of the time they would) and process improving. I think that visual mathematicians are suitable for certain types of managers, although we shouldn’t consider ourselves so gifted since 5% of 10.000 persons is 500 persons (a considerable amount of humans)

forrestoff · December 7, 2002 at 12:53 am

stupid, misleading commecialism; whatever they can do for a buck…
i just went through the second time with emode’s test, making sure to give the incorrect answer at every question and still scored higher than the example score of 82 with my score of 84. Would this would suggest that the dummest ’emode’ participant, with an actual score of about 60, which is about 20 points lower than the actual score given, would mean that the test participant can actually knock about 20 points of their final score for “about” the right answer…?
is this reasoning too deductive or is there any truth to it? who cares…

stuart · December 23, 2002 at 1:56 am

I have a few points to make-
. maybe we all have high scores because all surfers are genii
. maybe the definition of genius is one who uses his time in a functionally efficient manner
. maybe a genius doesn’t need crass tests to tell them so
.apparently the IQ test was developed to test levels of cretinism with in mentally handicapped children, it was found that white males scored highest in this test, and white males have used it since to prove their superiority over females and other ethnic groups (ps I’m a WM)

Wings (Ero) · January 3, 2003 at 8:22 pm

The more we see we have intelligence, the more we realize we have no wisdom. The answers of this world are found from humbling ourselves to others. This is even more important for those found to have knowledge. The gifts given to those who receive may only keep growing by sharing with others through humility. I am sure you will understand if you really think about it. When we realize it is a gift from somewhere else then we may receive more…This is an important thing for those who wish to be used. Any questions, feel free to e-mail me.
Mr.Nothing (Wings) :spidey:

Wings (Ero) · January 3, 2003 at 8:25 pm

wings is found at:

aubrey · January 4, 2003 at 8:04 pm

i took the emode iq test and as a result i was a visual mathematician too.. i took another iq test on another website.. and my result was 15 points lower than the score i got on emode..
i guez it is juz commercial for us to by it..

Crystal · January 10, 2003 at 5:56 pm

I scored a 136. I took a test in elem. school and that was my score also, so I would say the test are pretty accurate within a small range. I email Mensa and asked what does a visual mathematican mean. I will post it when I get an answer.
But I did find what emode told me true and what it said about the work place. I teach math and am a researcher, but I also problem solve for the department in terms of computer technology and sim. work in terms of communication. πŸ˜€

Gary · January 19, 2003 at 8:04 pm

I just took emode’s IQ test and scored a 120. Finding out that I was a visual mathematician shocked me because I hate math and practically failed it in school and college( Duuhh!). Now I work for the U.S. Postal Service as a Mailman and I don’t need my brain nor my new found mathematical skills for anything except counting my paycheck. If anyone can figure this one out please let me know because my brain has been on stanby ever since I left college( about 10 yrs. now). :crazy:

hmm · February 9, 2003 at 4:14 pm

πŸ˜‰ Perhaps the people that scored low don’t want to post their scores for all to see.

Vuk · November 2, 2003 at 1:32 pm

I am sure about this…..this is a gift.I always knew that there is something that helps me to learn at least 5 times faster than my friens but i just found what it is,a Visual matematician.Very often when somebody talks with me i see exact picture of what that person sad,….3D…,i think that this is the best intelectual type.Why!We are created in the space what makes people that seing thing in numbers-lost…,but us,different story,this gift make us bigger and much more powerfull than other people,because the codes 0,1 like in the matrix are not in linear order,they are 3d, solution is everywhere around us.If somebody think that i emphisized this view please write back to me,i’ll se the picture of what you said.

martin · December 5, 2003 at 3:23 pm

martin · December 5, 2003 at 3:28 pm

my first comment posted only secs. ago was a slip of my mouse finger. i just thought i’d say my eiq was a 136 and my iq is a 120. maybe i’m no genious but i definately connect very well with others. sincerely, martin

emmanuel · December 24, 2003 at 4:50 pm

well it never suprised me that i could score as high as 155 in my iq test.My intrest really i guess has a lot to do with it….chess,reading books that has to do with the abtract world,writting,… as much as i see myself as a visual mathematician i have often wondered, what kind of job really suites a visual mathematician?

Dickhead · January 16, 2004 at 2:05 am

I took the emode test today. I got above 130 but do i really give a shit? I’ve never enjoyed seeing shit different from others. All it ever brought for me was depression and gloom. Sometimes I regret not being the average joe. Not enjoying the crap they enjoy. Then I would believe in religions. A blind believer. Enjoy shopping malls and sitcoms.Watching the American Idol. Then I wouldn’t realise that the only certainty in life is that there is no certainty in life. Sometimes being clever doesn’t work out for ya. It sure as fuck didn’t work out for me. I went to university when I was 16 thinking I had everything figured out. I dropped out a year later. Travelling to some fucked up small town renting a basement reading philosophy books, watching all the fucked up movies and listening to all the messed up music. Some life huh? I don’t look forward to the future. I have a shit load of friends which I never really enjoyed. I see through all of them. See through my parents and through every other fucking person. My only goal in life is to be myself literally. Then maybe I could have that empty feeling I get sometimes, constantly! forever. No interruptions. “Lost in oblivion”. I love it! I’ll become Mr. don’t give a fuck. I’ll enjoy life better. But I’m having problems deprograming all the shit that’s been spoon-fed to me since child-hood. Maybe someday I’ll go completely psycho and then I could live FREE forever in some mental institute. I hear they have good Libraries and they take you to field trips and shit. I could read books all day and listen music and they would bring my food and wash my dishes, my clothes. I could listen to people give me advice all day. They really don’t know what the fuck theyre talking bout. Just regurgitating shit theyv’e read in books, magazines. Heard in churches. Watched on T.V. Un-original comments. saying it just to be saying it. Then I could laugh at em. Then I’ll end up sliting my wrist cause I’ll be too curious too see what happens afterwards . I could see my mom cry. Then watch her eyes. As if it’s the last honest piece on earth. Then I could ask my dad why he didn’t use rubber that night. I can ask him If I’m an accident or not. Poor guy. Fucked up his life getting married. He’s such a nice man. Wasted all his youth and energy on me, my mom and the two other fucks. And to think he could be so happy. Burns me. Man I’m 18 and I’m like this. I can’t wait till I’m 30-40. If I ever reach em. Mankind wasn’t meant to live more than 40 years. Maybe I’ll end this whole thing on my 40th.

Seventh · February 26, 2004 at 12:54 am

I hit a 133 and got the visual mathematician too.
I’m a pscyhe major, and if there’s anything about these tests, it’s that they give us the most likely statistical mean that we fall into. It’s not a statement on life or a divine message frrom our deity.
It’s a bunch of numbers that attempt to quantify an unquantifiable variable. And then, they ask for your credit card number so they can tell you more about your statistical mean.

void · December 13, 2004 at 11:12 pm

take a look @ this
its a scam, too bad eventhou you are a VM you are still being scammed πŸ˜€ all ur iq belongs to us

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