So…you think you know me?? Take the test and find out!
That said begged, I HATE tests. Any kind of test. IQ tests. School tests. Medical tests. I hate the test that Gregory has to deal with right now. I am sorry I didn’t elaborate earlier, it has just been hard for me to see him like this. OK, the guy from the medical supply company came last Thursday. He gave us this thing called a “King of Hearts”. It’s basically a portable EKG machine, about the size of a beeper. There is a wire plugged into it, that splits into two wires, which are attached by plastic snaps to two locations on Gregory’s torso, where he has these electrode stickers attached to his skin. It is a 30-day test. 24 hours a day. If he feels funny, he has to press a big button on the front of the machine, and sit still for a minute. The machine records his heart rate for the 90 seconds BEFORE the button was pushed, the one-minute of recording, AND the 90 seconds AFTER. So wild. THEN there is a 1-800 number to call, and I tell the person there that I am calling in for Gregory, blah blah and so forth, then they say, “Send it!” and I hold the machine up to the phone, and push a little “Send” button, wait until it is done transmitting for the 2 1/2 minutes, and voila!, the recording is transmitted from our machine to their machine. Then I guess they have technicianswho look the reading over, and see if anything is wrong or suspect, and if something is, we would get a call back from them telling us to go to our doctor to be sure.
So far we have had to transmit one time. He was dizzy in school the day BEFORE we got the machine. Then he was dizzy TODAY, told the teacher, went to the nurse’s office, and the nurse pushed the button. (I am kind of upset that Gregory didn’t push the button on his own, I KNOW he is only 8, but no one else is going to know how HE feels, he NEEDS to learn how to be a bit responsible with this. I am not sure how I can stress this to him. All of the teachers know to push the button if he happens to pass out again, but other than that, HE needs to be aware of what is going on.) Anyway, when he got home from school, there was NO recording in the machine for me to send! ARGHHHH!! He calims he didn’t touch anything, so I don’t know WHAT could have happened to it! I meet with the nurse Wednesday morning to show HER how to call it in, but I assumed it could wait until he got home to call in today. I really think this would have been a good reading, because his teacher said he had gotten really upset about thinking he lost a glove just before he said he had a headache and felt dizzy. *sigh*
Anyway, I am just really stressed over this whole thing. Add to that, his poor skin is getting really red and sore under the stickers, and when he takes them off he is almost in tears from the discomfort. I am trying to get in touch with the cardiologist to ask him if maybe Gregory wouldn’t have to wear the machine at night, since as far as I know, nothing has ever happened at night, and at least it would give his skin a chance to BREATHE.
OK. I am glad I got that out. For anyone brave enough to get of the end of this boring tirade, I thank you. LoL. Now go take my test. *muah*
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