OK, so I am posting this on Wednesday. SO WHAT??
1. January or July? July. But then, my birthday is in July, so maybe I am partial.
2. Email or letters? Letters. Although I don’t write them nearly often enough.
3. Milk or orange juice? Milk
4. Brunette or blond? Brunette
5. Digital or film camera? Film
6. Camping or hotel? Hotel. I love the romance that is camping, but when it comes right down to it, I guess I’m just a girlie-girl who hates to get dirty. LoL.
7. Pencil or pen? Pen
8. Rollerblading or roller skating? Neither
9. Fly or drive? Drive. Can you say road trip?
10. White or black? Black
Hmmmmm… I almost forgot. I think I REALLY need these now.
Daily Affirmation:
Anyone can be successful, and yet no one becomes successful in exactly the same way as anyone else. Be who you truly are and you’ll become the best that you can be. ~Ralph Marston

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