Gee, there are so many of these things to fill up your blog….do we really have so few things to talk about off of our OWN heads?? LoL
Monday Mission 2.8
1. What part of your body would you most like to change? Explain.
Errrr…..the fat part? LoL, OK…mostly my stomach. I would like it to be smaller.
2. What are the Blogs you absolutely must visit each time you log on, no matter what?
Well, there are actually a lot that I LOVE to read, but I always make sure to check out Kari, Rose, Tashia, and Mike at least once every time I come online if I have time.
3. What part of your (current or most recent) significant other’s body would you most like to change?
Nothing, really.
4. At what age would you consider yourself as “old?”
Old? Sheesh, at LEAST 70…..probably closer to 90…lol
5. I hear many stories about children who show potential in a certain area, only to have their spirits crushed by parents or teachers because they are told they aren’t doing it right, or will never amount to anything. Was there a point in your life where you feel like you were discouraged in some manner that had an effect on your life?
Well, my ex-stepfather used to tell me on a regular basis that I was just like my mother, I would never amount to anything, and it was a good thing that he loved me (by “love”, I guess he meant that secret thing he did to me when my mother wasn’t home that made me feel dirty) because no one else did or ever would.
6. Eek! I left home without my Visor today, I feel nearly naked! What item(s) make you feel naked when you walk off and forget them?
Hah….I think I would have to say my kids (or, at least, the baby) for this one. If I don’t have him with me, I feel like I am forever checking around me for…something. Sad, isn’t it?
7. I believe we are all artistic in some form or fashion. Not just limited to drawing or painting, but carpentry, baking, music, gardening, collecting, you get the idea. What is it you do that best expresses your artistic side?
Well, I draw pretty well, even though I don’t have much time, and I write and/or tell lots of silly little kids’ stories, and my crocheting skills are gowing by leaps and bounds, I can make a really pretty afghan now (crocheting is really very soothing and meditative).
BONUS: Stop, hey… what’s that sound?
Must be Gregory again. “Ma…..Ma….Ma……….MA!” Oh my GODS, and he’s teaching Donovan how to do it!!!!

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Emerald Sky · February 25, 2002 at 10:39 pm

It’s good to see you back! Funny thing – on my way home tonight the Goddess whispered your name to me. When I get home… a message from you. 🙂

Tashia · February 26, 2002 at 7:03 pm

Goodness gracious great balls of fire! My Tricia Wicia is back!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you gurlie! We’ll talk soon. *muah*

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