Tuesday’s This or That.
1. Train or boat? Boat, definitely. I love being on the water.
2. Lake or ocean? I’d have to say lake, because it’s easier to take boats out on them.
3. Thoughtful or perceptive? Thoughtful. I tend to be a little introspective and non-observant, so the perceptive thing sometimes misses me. *smile*
4. Observant or participative? Observant. I have to scope things out before I will join in, and even then I need to feel fully comfortable.
5. Line or curve? Curve. It just…flows better.
6. Capitalize or lowercase? When I am just chatting online, I don’t think I care much, but for anything else, capital letters should definitely be used when and only when they are supposed to be.
7. Giraffe or zebra? Zebra, I think. The contrast is beautiful.
8. Shiny or matte? Matte.
9. Oil or vinegar? Oil.
10. Sand or clay? Sand. Sand castles! Although there is that pesky problem with sand in the bathing suit…hehehe.
Oh, and the other thing? Give me a few, I have something I want to write that I am working on. =)

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