But first, the Friday Five.
1. What makes you homesick?
Lately, lots of things. I am not sure if I am homesick for a PLACE so much, as a CONCEPT…of family….peace, love, comfort, stability. I miss those things terribly.
2. Where is “home” for you?
Even though I haven’t lived there in over 15 years, I still consider Maryland my home.
3. What makes it home for you? People? Things?
The people, definitely. Even though anywhere my kids are is a home to me, I think home to me is how I grew up…with a myriad of aunts, uncles, cousins, and even more all around me and readily accessible, and impossible to get rid of. I wish I had cherished it more when I had it.
4. Where is the furthest you’ve been from home, miles-wise?
1623 miles (2612 km). When we went to Colorado to ski. (Funny, there is that skiing reference again…it has obviously been FAR too long since I thought about that time of my life, much less talked about it.)
5. What are your plans for this weekend?
I guess I am taking the kids to a Saturday playgoup tomorrow morning, then we are supposed to go to Donovan’s grandmother’s for Saturday night. We’ll see how it goes. I really don’t have the energy or positive attitude to do much of anything at all.

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hoopty · March 9, 2002 at 11:27 am

dang, girl…..how long is your post? a mile?

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