Tuesday’s This or That
1. Run or walk? Walk.
2. Thistle or dandelions? I actually like dandelions, especially when they turn all white and you can blow the seeds away and make a wish. I love it that Gregory likes to do that too now. =D
3. Birds singing or crickets chirping? Crickets. I love night time.
4. Allergies or none? None.
5. A, B, C or 1, 2, 3? A, B, C.
6. “Easy as pie” or “simple as cake”? “Easy as pie.”
7. Trampoline or swimming pool? When I was around 9, we moved into this HUGE house that had a 50 foot swimming pool with a diving board in the back yard. I have exceedingly fond memories of that pool, so I have to say….yeah, pool.
8. Nickel or penny? Nickel, definitely. Pennies tend to procreate at a rather alarming rate of uselessness.
9. Basketball or baseball? Basketball.
10. Sliding doors or French doors? Sliding doors.

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Tashia · March 20, 2002 at 7:40 pm

New layout looks gawjus gurl. Do you hear me? Fuckin’ gawjus…I love it and I love you! *muahz* and *huggz*

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