Well, Sunday morning and here I am still in Boston. Although I am SO ready to leave. Not that I am looking forward to going back to the hellhole where I stay, but I get the feeling that my welcome is more than over here. *shrug* whatever. I don’t feel much wanted anywhere I am anyways. I did manage to scan a few nice pictures in, and I MIGHT get a chance to do some cam pics of the kids before I leave. Anyway, here are a few of them, including some blasts from the past of yours truly. I know the quality of these pictures stinks, I really couldn’t figure it out, except that it might be a combination of the scanner, and my inability to properly figure out the image editing software that I had to use. LoL. Deal.
I knew it, all along.
Ski bunny.
Sara-puppy at Blue Knob.
And here are a few quick ones of the kiddos.
Donovan at playgroup last year.
Gregory at school.

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