I noticed in my last few posts I basically borrowed from other people to create something to write. Why? I asked myself that same question. The only answer I could seem to come up with is that my actual life is just too boring to write about. I mean, who REALLY wants to hear about screaming babies and stinky diapers and angsty 8-year-olds and housework? That’s really all I do every day. There are some days when I do not speak to another adult at ALL. I do not get any time to spend just for myself. Maybe that is why I am feeling so useless and “emotionally disabled” lately. And that’s another thing, when I DO try to talk about things, my posts dissolve into some kind of ridiculous “poor me” tirade. UGH. Like I said, boring. So maybe it is easier and safer to just get ideas from other people, and plug my own answers into them. It saves me from having to sort through my grey-colored life to find some spark of red or green or yellow or purple that is worth sharing. Maybe I need to go the other way, like some people do, and just spend my time plugging other people and sites, and leave the bulk of “myself” out of it. But no. That is SO not me. If I am going to continue doing this “blogging” thing, I can only be myself. I am WAY too intense and introspective of a person (wow, I have never been able to admit that before) to try to close off a part of myself when I write. I think it is very difficult for me to write this way, in the first person, about things actually happening around me. I tend to practise escapism, writing stories and poems and drawing, creating my own fantasy world, as a way of dealing with things. I sometimes think about sharing those things here, but they are mostly of such a dark and brooding nature that I would be afraid of turning people away. *nervous laugh* I was thinking of maybe adding a new section to this site where I could channel some of my negativity in a more productive way. Would anyone read it if I did?

On a brighter note, I did crawl out from under my rock long enough to join up with a project that sounds like it is going to me SO MUCH fun! It is called the Story-Go-Round, and it was thought up and started by the indomitable Gina. Basically, there are several participants, and each person writes a section of the story, then links to the next person in line to write the next section. The first part of the story is already up over at Gina’s place, so go check it out! I think I am 5th in line, so it could be about a week or so before I have to write my section. I hope I can live up to the legends that are participating. =D
OK, today I actually DO want to plug someone. LoL. She is such a sweetie, and her site is quite lovely. Go check her out and say “Hi!”

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shunda · April 1, 2002 at 12:37 pm

aww 🙂 you plugged me. thanks girl.

Gina · April 2, 2002 at 2:20 pm

awwww…*blush* thank you..:) I’m glad you like the idea…Lessa’s next…CC and Frank have already done their sections…it’s coming together nicely!

Gina · April 3, 2002 at 3:13 pm

legends? wow…

Lessa · April 4, 2002 at 3:06 am

It’s all yours, Tricia!

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