First, the Friday Five.
1. What are the first things that you do in the morning to start your day?
During the week, I get up around 6:30, as long as Donovan hasn’t gotten up before his usual 7:30 (I PRAY that he doesn’t wake up before then, because we are in the middle of weaning, and I swear, to him, the boobies are like coffee in the morning, he can’t do without them lmfao), shower and get dressed to be ready in time for Anthony to arrive at 7:15 am. Then I have to push Gregory to move and get dressed and ready for school, get Donovan his breakfast, entertain Anthony, get Donovan dressed, almost ALWAYS have to change Anthony’s diaper, pack the two diaper bags if we are going out for the morning, all by 8:20 am. On the weekends I sleep as long as Donovan will let me (usually 7:00 or 7:30).
2. What are the last things that you do at night before going to bed?
Finish the dishes if I didn’t before, pick up any remaining stray toys/papers from the floor, brush my teeth, take my vitamin, and usually watch some TV or read for about a half hour.
3. What daily routine have you recently added to your day?
Nothing new that I can think of right now.
4. What routine do you wish you get rid of?
Cleaning the cat litterbox. My cat is getting OLD (he is 10 and a half), and he is progressively getting messier and more careless in his litterbox habits. It is a lot harder for me to deal with him, too, with everyone else that needs taking care of in this house.
5. What’s the one thing that makes you feel like something is missing if you don’t do it some point within your day?
Right now, probably read a book to Donovan, and do the “High Mucky-Muck Ritual Bedtime Chant” with Gregory. (LoL, dont ask hehehehe)

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SJ · April 6, 2002 at 1:40 pm

That’s interesting, what you said about your old cat. It made me think about how my cats are SO not my babies anymore after having a real one, ha!
I feel like: “clean your own damn box, everyone needs to pull their own weight around here!”

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