OK, I FINALLY finished my section of the Story-Go-Round! I am SO sorry it took me so long, but I felt I was being conspired against by mountains of dishes and laundry and a baby that refused to go to sleep before 11pm two nights in a row! LoL. But anyway, I hope no one is disappointed. =D
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Emory, Jonez and Mack ran out onto the deck, watching in sickened disbelief as the chopper descended almost gracefully towards the lake, hitting the water with curiously little splash. The still-turning blades blended the waves like a disembodied cuisinart, tossing up fans of droplets that glittered in the wan morning sunlight. They waited helplessly in dreadful anticipation for some sign of life. None of them were exactly sure what had gone so terribly wrong, although they had all gotten a vague sense of the telepathic cacophany that had put the Company men in such a frenzy. They had observed one of the men running at full tilt right out of the chopper, his hands covering his ears in a vain attempt to shut out the torturous noise.
However, all of the rebels were pretty good at putting two and three together. Emory had always known there was something special, something a bit different about his sister, and this made the Company’s interest in her more comprehensible. Mack licked his lips in anticipation of shooting the additional men he knew the Company would send because of this. Jonez was just glad to see that the little waif had finally gotten some spunk.
“Look!” cried Mack, pointing.
Their gazes pivoted to the crash site, and they spotted the head bobbing in the water. It turned to face them. It was Liana! A joyous cry burst forth from Emory’s throat before he could stop it, but it proved to be a bit premature. Suddenly her head disappeared back under the water, and they watched in horror as Ez surfaced, holding Liana under the water, drowning her. Emory jumped to action, turning to bark an order at Jonez, but she was gone. She emerged from the glass panel less than 15 seconds later, simultaneously zipping up her skin tight wetsuit and strapping on her custom-made German Mauser 86SR sniper rifle with the attached Nightforce NXS scoping device.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” shouted Emory.
“What does it look like I’m doing? I swear, you are getting just as flaky as HER,” snarled Jonez as she swung her long legs over the rail of the deck, then jumped onto the jet ski in the water below. She shifted the sniper rifle onto her back, revved up the engine, and sped off in a shower of spray, giving one last flippant look over her shoulder, her white teeth glinting.

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