Monday Mission 2.14
1. When was the last time your computer crashed? What happened?
Hmmm….it’s probably been at least a year. It wasn’t too bad. I was using yet another fabulous Microsoft product (HAH!), and some things just…got erased. I had to reinstall my system software, then just to be on the safer side, I saved all the important stuff and reformatted my hard drive. Other than, that, this old dinosaur of a computer has been peachy keen to me.
2. Recommend a movie (new or old) for us to watch.
Well, I happened to catch Prince Valiant last night around 11:00pm (wow, this change in time is finally affecting me), and I thought it was great. You might, too.
3. When was the last time someone told you that you were attractive (and you actually believed them)?
When I was pregnant with Gregory, Michael used to tell me all the time that I was sexy and that I had the softest, most velvety skin he had ever felt. I believed him because he was always up under me, stroking my arm or face or nuzzling me, and he made me feel good. I miss that kind of stuff.
4. Do you like to sleep in or wake up with the chickens?
Well, I LIKE to sleep in. But I have kids. So, I have learned to live with the chickens.
5. Are you gay, straight or bi? Ever been tempted to go the other way?
I am definitely bi, although my main preference is men. I have been with a few women sexually, although never in a relationship, so I still consider myself to be “curious.”
6. What will be the next computer-related purchase you will make?
Hopefully, if everything goes the way I want it, it will be to buy a whole brand spanking new computer! Wish me luck, send me money.
7. What is your role when you are in relationships? A giver, a taker, or is it an equal balance?
I am almost always the giver. I am so totally affectionate. I am very touchy-feely, I can’t help myself. Thank goodness both of my kids are little cuddlebugs, otherwise I would probably drive them bananas. But as far as partners go, I rarely feel like I am getting enough. In my current relationship, I initiate almost everything, and a lot of times when I do bother to initiate anything anymore, I am rejected. I need a hug.
BONUS: Would I lie to you?
My trust issues are enormous right now. I assume everyone is lying about anything and everything, because HE does. So, I think you would probably lie to me, too. I am working on that.

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the SICKSIDER · April 8, 2002 at 1:19 pm

Geez, I could just copy and paste your answer to question #5 as my own!!!!
Nice to meet you too….

lynn · April 8, 2002 at 3:59 pm

ditto that

Shunda · April 8, 2002 at 4:13 pm

well I ditto the bonus question. I definitely have trust issues because of a certain someone as well. I guess I need to work on that as well, you think? 🙂

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