OK, this post is especially for Rasmus and the Peer2Peer Review Project. I am honored to bring you a review of Yuck.
Kristine is a 13-year-old girl with a towering NSync obsession and a blog. Be afraid.
I. Graphics.
The layout and graphics of this site were simple, clean, and very easy to navigate. The colors changed several times over the months, but I never had any trouble reading anything. The cute little title graphic changed often as well, seeming to reflect how Kristine feels about each month.
II. Writing.
Since Kristine is only 13, the blog was a little more on the juvenile side than I usually prefer, but she definitely seems to be an intelligent girl. Although liberally sprinkled with internet “What __ Are You?” tests and NSync fawnings, nevertheless this girl’s upbeat and bubbly personality manages to shine through. She always appears to be happy and/or excited about something, and it infects the reader, making you want to find out just what makes her tick. Although half the time I didn’t understand what she was talking about, because most of her posts seemed to be geared towards the friends she knows are reading her blog, I also think it can be attributed to that thing that happens when you become an adult and you lose touch with the latest slang, and you can’t stand little boy bands like NSync. I think it’s called “un-coolness.” Yeah.
So, while this blog doesn’t have enough non-NSync related business to keep me coming back for more, I have a feeling her friends love her.

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