Damn…it’s hot! I feel like taking off all my clothes and plunging headfirst into a big tub of ice water. I can’t BELIEVE it is 89 degrees in the middle of APRIL in New England! It’s almost scary when you really think about it. We seemed to go straight from autumn to summer….no winter or spring to speak of. The ground didn’t even freeze completely this year. This means that there is tons of mold sitting there beneath the dirt that didn’t get killed off by hard frozen earth, and now it is waiting to be pushed to the surface by the newly budding plants. What does this mean? I have allergies this year where before I never ever had any. ARGHHHH. I can feel it in my head, a nasty woolly and “sucked-in” feeling in the morning, my nose is runny, I am sneezing, I have headaches, I am generally miserable. AND I HATE THE HEAT! It is supposed to be 95 degrees tomorrow! I will be safely ensconced in the house with the kids and the wonder that is central air conditioning. w0000t!
In other news, Donovan’s little “barfbaby(tm)” episode seems to be over, and he is back to his usual rambunctious self. I think I ALMOST prefer the quietness that indicates illness to the “throwing self on the floor, kicking floor, looking to see if Mommy is watching, kick floor some more if she is not, if she still isn’t, bang back of head on floor really hard to elicit sympathy, if that doesn’t work, scream ‘Mommy Mommy’ 57 times until she is so annoyed she will pick you up whether she wants to or not” daily tantrums. These coupled with Anthony’s continuous “no one is looking at me, no one is talking to me, how dare these people assume I can entertain myself, the horror” screaming jags and Gregory’s “Oh GAWD I am so bored, sigh loudly to make sure Mom can hear me” eye rolling make for a tired Tricia most weeks.
We went to see a production of Eric Carle’s “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and “The Very Quiet Cricket” at The Bushnell on Sunday. We got free tickets, but it ended up being totally worth it. It was pretty cute, although The Very Quiet Cricket, which was presented second, began to go on and on after a while to the point of redundant idiocy. No offense to the book. However, I was rather impressed by the inventiveness of the production in portraying the characters through a method of puppeteering I had never seen before. Basically the two puppeteers where actually on the stage with the puppets (I have to admit I didn’t even notice them) all dressed in black, including gloves and masks, and they held the puppets by rods and moved them around. They had a section at the end where the kids could ask questions, and they explained how they did it all. Very cool. The production was done by Mermaid Theater from Nova Scotia. Donovan would highly recommend them. *G*
Anyway, I think I need to go travel to all of my daily reads and more, I have been a tad remiss lately in my reading. I am starting to have so many sites now that surfing them with 120 megahertz is becoming quite a daunting task! Seriously, I have to make sure I have bare minumum of an hour all to myself so I can visit all of about 10 sites. *sigh* SOON I hope to get myself a new computer. *Crossing fingers*

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felicia · April 17, 2002 at 10:30 am

Oh MY sweet LORD. It was 82 here in NYC yesterday and it is supposed to climb to 90. this is NOT normal for APRIL in new york…plus we have a ghetto drought….
sigh* bring on the fan and increase in electric bill…

hoopty · April 17, 2002 at 1:05 pm

*shows up with bucket of ice water*
you rang….?

Tricia · April 17, 2002 at 10:48 pm

w0000000t….*jumps in the water, dragging Hoopty-baby with her*

bran-O-phelia · April 18, 2002 at 1:30 pm

ditto what Felicia said. it was 82 in Constantia, as well. (NY). and my pretty green grass is starting to dry out! poopie!

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