Holy Hot Tamales, Batman!! :batman:
I just found out I was picked for bran-O-phelia‘s Hottie Bloggah Pick of the Day!! Oh, man, first I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. But now, I feel honored and touched and all gushy-mushy inside. Thanks, man. Go show Branny-poo how much we love her. :lovey:
In other news, it is still hotter than Hades’ ballsack around here (and yeah…that was supposed to be a crass and gross remark…that’s exactly how you feel when you walk outside). Yesterday it was 95 degrees!!! I did NOT even step foot outside yesterday. Stayed inside in my air conditioner all day. Today, it was almost as warm, it hit 80 degrees before 9:00 in the morning. BUT, I decided to be a trooper and take the kids to playgroup, then I had to go cash my meager little paycheck, so I decided to take the kids to the mall afterwards so we could get all comfy and cool. Then I had to go grocery shopping after Anthony went home, and I am completely pooped right now, and I need another shower badly after being outside half the day. Unfortunately, Donovan is STILL up, and is currently resisting all attempts to wrassle him into the crib. And he only had a half-hour nap today!! Arghh. *considers slipping the baby some Benadryl* What the heck, I’ll probably end up giving in and nursing him just to keep my sanity.

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