Wow, lately I haven’t really felt like doing any meme’s. It takes too much energy that I just can’t spare. Like posting this post. So I’ll just write a short one for now.
Well, one good thing happened today. I managed to figure out what was going wrong with the skinning, thanks to my sweetie-pie Rosie. Seems that for whatever reason, my editor was adding a weird little character into the php code. Which is bizarre because I use a LaTeX editor specifically built for writing all kinds of code, but I think it might have been because I copied and pasted right from the tutorial website, and sometimes my editor doesn’t like that. *shrug* Oh well, in any case, I have it working now (yay) and as soon as I can find the time to code all of my pages to reflect the change, I will officially have a skinnable site! Go me!
At least I can do SOMETHING right. :frazzled:

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Sue · April 27, 2002 at 9:57 am


bran-O-phelia · April 28, 2002 at 11:24 am

hola chica! you’re a Goddess. have i told you that lately? and i love ya. ~xoxo

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