OK, here, finally, is my part of the Story-Go-Round. Don’t cheat, go read the whole thing from the beginning. 🙂 I hope it was worth the wait.
Mya Spencer stood in the shower stall, the hot, steamy water barely beginning stem the tide of rage, shame, and disgust she felt. She could still remember how her skin crawled as she talked to Jeb/Jared at the bar, committed to her mission to engage him and lead him to believe he was ensnaring HER so that Jeb could be returned to Infernus.
Mya hated Infernus. Hated what it had made of her. Hated what it was making of innocent people like Jared. At 35, Mya had lived at Infernus all her life. Had been born there. Or, in more succinct terminology, she had been created there. Conceived in a test tube without even the benefit of genuine human DNA, spawned from genetically enhanced sperm and a laboratory-manufactured egg. Raised among other such children in a sterile environment with nurses and doctors coming and going. And Mya and her brothers and sisters were the lucky ones. “Alpha Prime,” as they were called, the first batch, the prototypes. Just to prove it could be done. Possessed of superior strength, razor-sharp reflexes, and high intelligence. Yet nothing overdone, nothing to draw suspicion to the experiment. That was saved for when the money started rolling in.
It wasn’t long before greed took over, and experimental batches were being created left and right, genes manipulated for appearance, intelligence, and many other attributes. And finally the money offered was great enough to completely destroy any remaining moral sense or sanity that those who ran Infernus had ever possessed. Those scientists who were not willing to participate discreetly disappeared, and those remaining learned their lesson. So came into being the “Omega” batch. The killers. Engineered to be military devices, killing machines with no conscience and no remorse.
But something went wrong with this batch. And the worst thing about it was, no one knew exactly WHAT was wrong. This batch could not be controlled with the internal microchips as the other batches were. They did not feel pain. And they would kill anyone. They did not differentiate allies from foes. They were damn near impossible to kill, and they healed with incredible swiftness when injured.
The entire batch had escaped together from the compound several months before, and was wreaking havoc throughout Infernus and beyond. Most of the other batches were put on assignment to capture all of the escapees, at whatever cost. Infernus had a lot of money on the line, and they would use any means to make sure they received it.
Then, several months earlier, one of the Omegas had been captured. He was called Jeb. On the way back to Infernus, Jeb attempted escape, and, mostly through sheer luck, was killed by one of the Betas.
That’s when it happened.
Instead of passing on along with his physical body, Jeb’s spirit rose from the ground with a flash of blinding white light, and disappeared just as suddenly right into the body of the Beta that had killed him. For about 30 seconds, none of them moved, then, quick as a snake, the Jeb/Beta proceeded to systematically massacre nearly the entire Beta batch without even breaking a sweat. Two Betas made it back to Infernus, and were taken away for questioning. That’s when it was discovered that the spiritual bodies of the Omegas were able to manifest themselves after physical death, and continue to live within the bodies of others, completely taking over their will. How long they could go on doing this, no one knew. They only knew that Jeb had to be stopped, and none of the other Betas could be allowed to die or be killed until some way of containing their spirits could be devised.
This is where Mya had come in. They had followed Jeb’s escapades for several months now, through two other bodies, and then Jared’s, the latest. It seemed that Jeb had a penchant for rape as well as murder. Infernus saw how this could be used to trap him once he started getting arrogant, which was inevitable with so many successful murders under his belt, with bumbling policemen only along for the ride. Mya was used as bait. And she had played her part well. And now they had Jeb, and they even had managed to keep poor Jared’s body alive so Jeb’s spirit would remain trapped within it.
So what the fuck did they want with her now? Mya reluctantly twisted the faucet, stopping the pounding flow of water. Her lissome body glistened as she stepped out onto the rug and grabbed the nearest towel She began to angrily rub herself dry, and her skin glowed pinkly. She pulled on an aqua bodysuit, regulation issue uniform provided by Infernus in different colors for each batch. She was supposed to meet Octurus in the laboratory, where Jeb was being kept. Apparently, Jeb was being quite hostile, and refusing to talk, and Octurus had had the brilliantly idiotic idea that seeing Mya again might break him, and they would finally get the information they needed.
Octurus was the brain behind the entire Infernus operation. Well into his 70s now, nonetheless he was extremely intimidating, and never was Mya so infuriated with what her life was than when she was being ordered about like a mere plaything, a valuable possession, by Octurus.
Mya entered the decontamination chamber and stood silently while the spray seemed to de-germ her forever. Then the green light came on, and the door to the laboratory slid open.
Octurus turned towards her, held his arms out and smiled broadly. Mya walked forward for the perfunctory kiss Octurus always insisted on bestowing upon his “children.” Then she turned to Jeb/Jared.
He was strapped down to the bed with a mind-boggling array of chains and tubes and locks and straps. If she weren’t so frightened of him herself, she would have laughed to see Octurus be afraid of something. She couldn’t fathom him escaping from those binds. But she could see the hatred shining out of those eyes.
“You bitch,” he snarled. “You think you can get away with this? I am going to take such pleasure in your killing that I don’t think I will ever be able to top it. I may even have to retire from killing after you.”
“I’d like to see you try,” scoffed Mya.
“I have been able to anytime I wanted. I have merely been waiting for you, you little cunt,” said Jeb/Jared in a deceptively quiet tone.
All of a sudden, Jeb/Jared got a look of concentration on his face, and not even a second later the bindings began breaking, making little popping sounds like rubber bands as he emerged from then, the chains clanging to the floor and scientists scattering like rats.
Mya stood frozen, and watched Jeb/Jared arise from the bed, and begin to walk towards her.
[edit] I think I must have been sleeping when I posted this, because I neglected to say that the story will be continued by Jared. 😀 [/edit]

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Gina · May 14, 2002 at 8:14 am

wicked! I love a good conspiracy…;) who’s next though?

C.C. · May 14, 2002 at 8:50 am

Good stuff!!!

tony · May 14, 2002 at 10:06 am

Wow! Talk about not knowing where this was going! Well done!

Romel · May 14, 2002 at 1:29 pm

Well damn…you hooked this one..i see i must stay glued to all of the story now cause thats was well written.

felicia · May 15, 2002 at 8:10 am

Bravo! I really enjoyed reading this!!! 🙂 You have got some wonderful talent here!

Matt Rossi · May 15, 2002 at 5:03 pm

This is why I love collaborative storytelling…because that’s not what I would have done at all, and I mean that as a most sincere compliment. Glad you found it.

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