Just a quick break for an unrelated post before the next deadly sin arrives. Gee, one internet scandal ends only for another to begin. While I was lucky enough to not even know about the first one, seems I happen to be right in the middle of this one. But I am not even bringing it here. This is MY site. Here is where all things relating to the issue reside, and there they will stay. I’ll just say this. Girl, I was ready to act in the nice role, and allow you to play out whatever game you thought you were trying to play, because the honest truth is you never personally hurt me. You never meant that much to me. But seems other people had different ideas, people I care deeply for that you truly hurt, truly screwed over, so things are playing out a bit differently than I envisioned. Just remember, though, you brought this on yourself. Playing the victim won’t get you out of it this time.

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