I am So sorry if you think I am shrugging you off. I NEVER meant things to come across in that way.
[*Rest of post deleted 10-3-02*]
And now I feel like even more of a dork for the bit of misunderstanding. It was never my intention to make people mad at this person, or for them to e-mail her telling her what a bad person she is. I’m not nor have I ever been angry at her, in fact, I love her so much that I felt hurt thinking that I had hurt HER feelings. And that’s all. I thank everyone for their support of me, but I never meant to make a federal case of this at ALL, I just wanted to get my feelings out here. And I have, and the case is now closed, and my Phira-girl is still one of my dearest friends, and everyone go visit her and tell her what a wonderful person she is for still wanting to be MY friend. :)[/Edit]

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Kari · October 2, 2002 at 11:19 pm

ok, look. you have been thru alot. and if you forget a few peeps now and then i’m mature enuf to understand and not take it so fricken seriously. my gosh. i can’t imagine goin thru what you have alone, much less WITH two children and still havin all my damn hair.
friendships (*mature ones*) don’t need to be acknowledged for them to be. we (the few the proud) should be mature enuf to go beyond the shout outs. if that’s all it is about then… damn… i must not have any friends cuz i dont shout out unless some tornado has gone thru my house and moves me to do it out of sentiment…
maybe i’m steppin out of line, but you have no need to feel like an ass. sorry should cut it among friends. and if it doesn’t , like i said before, there is some deeper issue.
you…AND your “friend” need to cut you some slack.
*steps off soap box*

Phira · October 3, 2002 at 5:05 pm

I’m a little upset by being put on the spot like this. I am getting emails and shit from people telling me what a horrible, selfish person I am and for a post that wasn’t even refering to you.
The point to that other post (the one that is refering to you since your name is mentioned) was to acknowledge that I haven’t sent out that package and that everytime I say that I am, it gets pushed aside. I was worried that because I said I would do something and didn’t you would think badly of me. So I wanted YOU to know that I have not forgotten about you and that I am always thinking about how you are doing. I just don’t want YOU to think that I have ignored YOU or pushed YOU aside.
I understand you have been through a lot in the past months. You are a strong woman Tricia and I value you as my friend, it was never my intention to make you feel like shit because you have no reason to, I was acknowleding that YOU are indeed justified if you are feeling ignored.
I love you girl!

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