Well, I think MOST of the features of this site have been re-uploaded. Some have been improved, like the Interactive Story, but most everything right now is the same. I finally re-added the skins directory, with a few less skins than before, because I am working on a few more as I have time, as well as adding a bunch of things to the Wicca section. I also need to re-add my BOS blog, but all in due time 😉
OK, administrative stuff aside, things are pretty much the same for me. I am supposed to be starting a computer class in about a week, but daycare is proving a bit elusive, so wish me luck for the continued search next week? I am also getting closer to finding some permanent housing, I have my appointment for Section 8 next week, and it should only be about 4-6 weeks after that that I should get it, and I will be on my way to moving closer to some good public transportation and more jobs. Yay. As Eric says in The Crow, “It can’t rain all the time.”
I admit, I am still feeling a bit down about the friend situation, but I am beginning to honestly realize that I probably made the right decision regarding the issue, and that I need to pick up and move on and be happy with myself and what I am left with.
I know I haven’t been visiting a lot of blogs lately, but I am hoping to change that soon. Sometimes I just come online and vegitate. :LOL: I think about all of you though, especially you guys (you know who I mean) and I hope you are all doing well. :kissy:

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Lloyd · March 7, 2003 at 8:50 pm

My goodness, don’t I know where you are ocming from when you said you haven’t been visiting lately, and frankly.. I’m hella guilty of that too…
you have been exquisitely helpful of all the things that I needed help lately, it’s so wonderful when you have great friends that know how to deal so rationally with life. and when life gets crazy, we need control over ourselves and just learn.
_ – – – – –
I also went to that interactive story site and I have to say that work is great, writing fiction stories was once a hobby of mine, but unfortunately it slid off slowly now and then, but I love seein old inspirations in others, not to mention that asian goddess (Kuan Yin?) looks beautiful!

mystycalgemini · March 11, 2003 at 6:34 pm

Your confession hit home with me. I have and still do give in to the excitment of baring all in front of the web cam. i don’t cry myself to sleep but i do feel ashamed.
I crave the attention i’m getting but i ask myself whats wrong with me. I guess i’m lost and just needed to tell someone. thanks for listening….

Daphne · March 11, 2003 at 6:34 pm

Very cool – site looks great!

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