It is TOO hot. Within three days, it went from barely 60 degrees and raining to well over 90 degrees and humid enough to see. I was caught unprepared. No fans in the house. No heat tolerance built up at least enough for me to survive. The house is opressive, in more ways than one. I can barely even sit at the computer. Better to sit right in front of the new fan I picked up yesterday, where my face can be relatively cool and sweat-free, and only the rest of me melting into puddles. The house has that ‘hot’ smell, as if the very walls were sweating. Eww.
I would really appreciate it if

you could keep me in your thoughts. I MIGHT (stressing MIGHT) be taking some classes in September. So…I guess…just wish me luck. It all depends on the money. Story of my life.
I really don’t know what else I have to say. The kids have been ok, even in this heat, I am turning 31 in a little over two weeks, and I feel like I haven’t done much yet. All I can do is take it from there…

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Kim · June 27, 2003 at 10:47 am

That sounds like our weather. We went to see James Taylor Sunday night, in the cold and rain. We went back to the same outdoor venue Wednesday afternoon and it was in the upper 90’s and humid. This just ain’t right.
Good luck with the decision to go back to school! If you do it, you’ll be my hero. I’ve been talking about doing that for years and never do.

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