I wanted to thank everyone who wished me well regarding my previous post. Your thoughts are so very welcome. 🙂
I had my MRI on Monday. I fell asleep during it. Is that normal? Well….I’m not anywhere near normal, so it’s probably not normal to fall asleep with a big plastic helmet on that is making noise like a million jackhammers al around you. :LOL: At any rate, the results are not back yet. So…just more waiting. Bleh. This is the worst part, I think.
Anyway, in brighter news, this past Sunday was my little munchkin’s THIRD birthday! So Happy Birthday Donovan! I can’t believe it, he is so big, yet still seems so small. No matter what happens, time marches onward, eh? No harder way to learn that than to watch another of your child’s birthdays roll by. On Saturday we went to my friend’s house for a barbecue. Her house is awesome, way out in the country, with a lovely garden and lots of chickens and turkeys all around. The kids had a blast pulling onions and peppers and cucumbers out of her garden to take home. And we were all amused, frustrated, and irritated at the antics of this little mangy kitten that had appeared on my friend’s doorstep a few days before, and considered her house home already, including her counters! Ewwww….hehe.
On Sunday we had a nice mild day, with cake (that ended up lopsided thanks to our slanted oven mwahaha) and ice cream around 3. I had made up little goodie bags for everyone (two of the neighbor children came over as well as my own two), and then of course Donovan was ripping open his presents. And I think I am going to be able to swing taking both of them to Six Flags this weekend (thanks to a ride from my friend), which I think will be the perfect ending for this summer. Don’t you think?

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Rose · August 20, 2003 at 10:52 pm

I am glad that the MRI went well. Falling asleep was probably actually a blessing, It made the time go by faster.
Happy late birthday to Donovan! It sounds as though you all had a great time. I am so glad that you all had some happy time. It sounds like an amazing birthday in general. The trip sounds great as well. Have lots of fun and be careful!

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