I hope everyone’s New year is going great so far. Mine is not so bad. School will be starting again next week, and even though I will be pulling 6 classes, I am really looking forward to it. Been spending lots of time getting prepared, since I have 3 (yes, that’s THREE) classes which will have to be done independently. *whew* BUT maybe that will make them all the better. 🙂

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Raheim · January 19, 2004 at 12:23 pm

I’m glad that you’re having a new year. Having a “not-so-bad’ new year neither sounds overjoying nor it is sad. Things starting in the middle ground always seem to be good thing. Since school will be starting next week, you must be really prepared and off to go study study study. But I’m glad that you’re taking this step and you know that all of us here are on the lookout on how you’ll perform.
And I’m so envying you for reading these 2 books.. ohh, woman I am so extremely busy that I havent read a good book all the way. I need to find time to read some of these books that you are reading. they are sure to be a delightful habit.
You’ve read the Red Tent, no? That’s one that I really want to get my hands on.

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