A long time ago I wrote a resume for my heart. I decided now would be a good time to revisit and update this little tidbit. Hope you enjoy. (Oh, and as an aside, I usually am not this uninteresting. Please have some patience with me while I continue to try to get this site up to par. It feels like I have been away MUCH longer than 9 months. I am still looking for the CD that has all of my other artwork on it, plus I should be getting my new(er) hard drive on Monday to replace my current dying one, so I will have to reinstall everything yet again when that happens. Plus, I am TRYING to do Nanowrimo again this year. Oh, and Word Racer on Yahoo! Games isn’t helping, either.)

Tricia’s Heart
Main Artery
Circulatory System

Objectives: I would like to work in a friendly, loving and gentle environment that gives ample opportunity to breathe, and to grow, and to be able to fulfill my full potential.
Professional Experience:
(March 1994 – March 2003, August 2004 – present) Craig Towers (Corporate Offices)
Job Title: Just a Friend (With or Without Benefits)
– Remaining within somewhat unclear boundaries
– Discovering new and amazing insights into life and myself
– Having patience through many periods of enforced stagnation
– Learning the true definition of a soul mate
– Determining that my definition doesn’t necessarily match someone else’s
– Not being afraid to finally let go
Reason for Leaving: Mutual dissatisfaction based on my own overstepping of boundaries, and the corporation’s refusal to articulate where the actual boundaries lie.
(February 1997 – June 2002) Corey Enterprises
Job Title: Insignificant Other
– Loving unconditionally
– Maintaining acceptable level of buoyancy while being pushed down
– Expanding to incorporate additional family member
– Fulfilling all expected duties without complaint
Reason for Leaving: Extreme job disatisfaction and disillusionment, mostly pertaining to having to perform many duties not in my job description, and repeatedly getting unsatisfactory reviews despite putting forth best effort.
(October 1995 – September 1996) Ray Industries
Job Title: Loved One
– Loving unconditionally
– Responsible for accepting many other people into the fold in direct relation to employer
– Learning how to laugh at myself
– Expected only to be myself
Reason for Leaving: Let go for failing to perform all job duties as expected.
(January 1993 – October 1994) Michael Productions
Job Title: Chick on The Side
– Staying on the down-low emotionally, or never becoming too attached outwardly
– Delving into my inner recesses to reveal the real me
– Encouraged to become a stronger person
Reason for Leaving: Decided a career change was in order, and worked freelance for a while instead.
(July 1991 – January 1993) The Trevor Corporation
Job Title: Baby Girl
– Loving as much as would be accepted
– Being understanding of a mercurial personality
– Being flexible with a wandering spirit
– Discovering the joys and pangs of first love
– Expanding to accept additional family member
Reason for Leaving: A better position opened up elsewhere after job satisfaction began dropping off precipitously due to several suspicious incidents within the job setting.
Roland’s Technical School for the Unlearned and Willing: Attended November 1988 – August 1989; Graduated with Honors
Major Accomplishments:
– Survived sexual abuse
– Survived emotional abuse
– Persevered through homelessness and single parenting (twice)
– Survived and rose above learning that the term family does not guarantee that you will be treated with respect or love
– Learned from mistakes
– Discovered that unconditional love does NOT mean unconditional acceptance of behavior
– Stubborn
– Malleable
– Overly-sensitive
– Sometimes TOO open and forgiving
– Tends to withdraw at first indication of pain
– Caring
– Giving
– Loyal
– Loving
– Forgiving
– Gentle
– Open
– Willing to try again and again

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Sivad · November 22, 2004 at 10:06 am

Wow, that was really cool. what a great idea, not that i’d want to document my depressing experiences (lol), but that was really a great entry. BTW, i was also addicted to WordRacer, but I’m now in recovery (actually, i moved on to BounceOut and developed an extreme addiction….i even dream about playing)

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