OK, I REALLY need this meme today. I got a call from the nurse’s office at G’s school today that he had been in a fight. *sigh* What the heck? I am so mind-numbingly exhausted and in that “almost-sick-but-not-quite-there” state that I just am not sure how to deal with this. Any ideas?
Also, I added a Radio.Blog to the sidebar, if you click the link my little jukebox will pop up. Let me know if you like it!
Big Orange Michael has issued a Christmas challenge for the month of December. So I figured I would see if I could give it a go. The question will be if I can keep up or not. 😉
1. When do you decorate your home for the season?
It depends. Usually somewhere around two weeks before Christmas.
2. If you have a Christmas tree, what kind of lights do you prefer–multi-color, white, all one color? Do you like blinking, steady on or those chasing lights that do tricks?
I strongly prefer the all-white, elegant type of lights. However, having boys, I am frequently urged to get the “trick” lights. But I only buy them in white. 😉
3. Do your parents or family still have decorations and/or ornaments you made when you were little? Parents–do you still have decorations your children made when they were little?
I don’t know what my mother does, the last time I did speak to her she said she doesn’t decorate anymore, so I guess there you have it. Hopefully she has the old ornaments, because I used to collect all kinds of ornaments when I was a child, and she has never allowed me to have those ornaments. It would be nice to have them enjoyed.
4. Do you like decorating outdoors as well? If so, are you conservative or do you go Clark W. Griswold (from Christmas Vacation)?
Question irrelavent to apartment living. Although there was a time when I had those candle-lights in the windows. Hey, there’s an idea for this year. 🙂
Bonus — What is your favorite family decoration or family decorating tradition.
Putting the decorations on the tree with my kids.

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Toni · December 1, 2004 at 11:02 pm

1. We usually try to decorate it at the end of the first week of December. But sometimes if we haven’t bought a tree yet, then it can extend to the second week.
2. We go for the colored, trick lights.
3. I don’t think we have any old decorations left. They used to be like these little toys and figurines, but as my brother and I grew up my mom wanted a more sophisticated look to the tree. So now we use bows, garlands, and balls.
4. We do like decorating outdoors, but since my dad doesn’t like high electricity bills, our decor is quite conservative. One year I even called it, “spartan” since it was pretty much just one wall of the house.

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