I have a new obsession. I think I need a support group. For real. It’s my portable music player. *hangs head* No, it’s nothing as fancy as an iPod, and I don’t even want one of those. 10,000 songs? Who the heck can listen to 10,000 songs??? Are they just up 24 hours a day shutting out the world with their damn expensive toy? Beats me. I got mine at Target on a wicked good sale (almost 40% off). So BAM! There was my Christmas present to myself. I deserve it. 🙂 It might not be the best out there, but it really has been good to me so far. I can fit about 108 .wma’s on it. (There is still ROOM on the device, just for some reason it doesnt like more than 108 songs. Go figure.) But then, I don’t see how I could actually listen to more than 108 songs. Especially since if I get tired of some, I can just hook that puppy back up to the computer and drag and drop. Drag and drop is my friend.
So anyway, my POINT on starting this was…well…what’s in YOUR playlist? Either your portable device, or just your main playlist on your computer, or what’s in your favorite mix CD. Please, do tell, and link back here in case anyone else wants to tell!
Here’s mine: clickety-click!

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Daphne · December 7, 2004 at 2:56 am

Ooo! That looks great! I keep thinking I’d love a portable but there’s no way I can justify the price of an iPod and it’s sooo much more than I would ever need.

j. brotherlove · December 8, 2004 at 2:50 pm

You’re addicted to playlists, too? I posted my latest random playlist on my site! http://www.thebrotherlove.com/mediumrare/random_10.php

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