Daria was kind enough to offer me an invite for Gmail, so, officially, I am a Gmailophite (Gmailian? Gmailanian?). My Magickal Musings mail gets SO much freaking spam I can’t stand it. I have all the spam filters and whatnot, but it is SO depressing to watch your mail program download 94 messages and have only about 2 of them REALLY be for you. And one of THOSE is just a bot from Renderosity announcing that one of your favorite artists has uploaded a new picture. And the other one is just a vioxxx ad that didn’t get caught by the filter. (Did you get the fact yet that I would like some mail? heheh) Well, if you like, you can now mail me at chocolategrlATgmailDOTcom. (I was going to use my real name, but tricia was taken, and my last name is so dang plain that I didn’t feel like looking at tricia.smith for a million years. So chocolategrl it is. 😉

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Etcetera · December 10, 2004 at 11:15 am

hey, girl. it’s nice to see you writing again. thanks for your support. 🙂
ps. gmail kicks ass.

Amy · December 11, 2004 at 6:16 pm

I like that term “Gmailophite” That’s cool.

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