I have noticed a new and interesting thing that DJ does. Anytime there is something open in the house, whether it is a kitchen cabinet, a closet door, or even a drawer, he goes CRAZY. I’m not talking about just telling me the thing is open. I’m saying that as SOON as he sees it, he is like, “Moooooooom, you left that open.” And if I need it open for something, I’ll just kind of be like “Mmmhmm,” and keep doing what I am doing. Only to turn around and find that the said door is already closed. Or, if it is a cabinet out of reach, here comes DJ with his stepstool from the bathroom so that he can climb up and reach the door to close it. Or he is simply jumping up and down reaching up with his hand. (It’s scary that he is almost tall enough for this to succeed.) There have been times when he even resorts to lugging the 2-step stepstool from the hall closet to aid him in his door-shutting endeavors.
If he can’t get the door closed, he whines like a broken-down fire engine. “Mom, close it, close it, CLOSE IT!” until I am at the point where I want to leave it open just BECAUSE.
No…really, I DID need that cabinet door open. I didn’t open it just to see his reaction. Really! I’m innocent! 😆
So at what age does obsessive-compulsive disorder usually make itself known, anyway?

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jin · December 24, 2004 at 5:24 pm

that’s really cute!
at least he closes things instead of leaving everything open for you to bang your head/knee on…

Claudia · December 24, 2004 at 7:29 pm

You’re lucky it only seems to have started at 4 – my youngest (now 9) started when she was an infant. Socks had to be put on a certain way – and there was a ritual that she went through to put them on. She still is picky about socks and still has the exact same annoying ritual (pulls up and down 3 times to get them “just right”).
Love to yank her chain by pulling her socks down, just drives her insane!
She also can’t stand the feel of tags in her clothes – ARRRRGH!!!!
Don’t get me started
Anyway, hang in there, he’ll probably be sure to have more things that have to be a certain way.

lucidly awake · December 25, 2004 at 5:55 pm

my 1st time here.. and goin by this post, i gotta say u got one cute son 🙂

Falling · December 25, 2004 at 6:39 pm

OCD can start as early as the pre-school years. I am Bipolar with OCD. I started with the obsessive hand washing when I was a very small child. I could not stand to even have the smallest speck of dirt on my hands. If the closing is the only sign, then I wouldn’t worry too much. If there are other signs, you might consider talking with your family doctor.

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