I decided to take the boys to the Good Time Emporium today. Man, I had forgotten how FUN that place was. And loud. And crowded. I actually haven’t been there in about 8 years or so. Since I had moved to Connecticut, actually. Now that I am back in Boston, though, it is ON! The boys and I officially have a new hot spot. Arcade games, batting cages, laser tag, go karts, pool…is there anyplace BETTER for 2 boys? :bigrin:
It looks a little different now, but I remember when I first started going there with an ex of mine, R.
The sad thing I discovered today was that the little mall where I met R had been completely closed down. I swear, I miss that place. It was one of my favorite malls. I met R in the McDonald’s in that mall where he was the manager. ( OK, shut up you, I know, black man, manager at McDonald’s, hey, he even had one of his front teeth missing – although thank goodness he at least didn’t replace it with a gold crown. It was like a walking stereotype. We actually went to a comedy club together once where the comedian was ripping on R for these very things, but R thought it was hilarious ) He and his twin brother both worked there. At first I could only tell them apart by the tooth thing. :whatever: Anyway, he was really sweet and talked about his little son who was just about the same age as Gregory was at the time (maybe about 2 or so), which is what started me liking him, and we had a pretty good run, I think. Thankfully he wasn’t anything like his initial impression. Plus, I went with him to see Brownstone, LL Cool J and R. Kelly in concert, who would be able to forget about the person you did THAT with? I smile when I think of him and hope he is doing OK. Good memories for the most part, even though our breaking up was my own fault. Except for the time he got me arrested for unwittingly being a part of something HE did. Maybe I’ll tell you about that one day.
Anyway, the point of all that was to tell you about The Good Time Emporium. It is right next to the aforementioned now defunct mall. We used to go there all the time. Shoot pool, watch sports, throw darts, drink. I would try the batting cages and almost get hit by the ball and end up in one non-hitting, giggling heap in the corner of the cage until he took over to show me how it was done. Then I would take over on Galaga and show HIM a thing or two. Or when we would bring the kids, they would be running around bouncing off the walls laughing like little maniacs. Kind of like my two were today.
Now, it’s almost like a memory of a more innocent time, a happier time. Does anyone else have any memories like that?

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