When it’s your children’s vacation from school, of course. 😆
OK, OK, it hasn’t been ALL bad. We got to play Shrek Operation and Candyland and Checkers and Playstation and watch stupid movies and see silly flash videos online and laugh hysterically and all fall on the floor and tickle each other mercilessly. And that was just all in one day.
I think I am a little burnt out though. I know they are, too. Only one more day to go, then back to the normal routine, and seeing some other faces than our own.
Other than the vacation it’s been a pretty uneventful week. I did finally have my repeat MRI, though. I was supposed to have this back in August, but due to moving and things being in general upheaval, it never got done. Plus, I haven’t been having headaches, so I guess I just let it slip to the back of my mind. So anyway, they scheduled me in for 6pm. 6pm??? Who has an appointment for an MRI at 6pm? Ugh. At least it was on the same day as the boys’ therapy, so we were already there and didn’t have to make an extra trip. And the boys behaved so nicely for the most part, since of course they weren’t able to come in with me. Once again I get to put on the plastic helmet and get shoved into a cold tube and stay absolutely still amid all the loud buzzes and clicks, with earplugs in my ears that hurt like a bitch after about 5 minutes. WHY must I have these teeny ears that nothing can fit into?? I can’t even wear earbud headphones, for crying out loud.
So anyway, I had brought in my previous MRI films that I have been carting around forever from the time I was seeing various neurosurgeons and decided it was just easier to keep a hold of them myself. So, since the hospital was afraid to lose the things, they had the head of the Neurophysiology department come down personally to read the new films and compare them to the old ones to see if there was any change in the mass so that I could keep a hold of the old films so they wouldn’t lose them. Whew! Did I lose you there? Anyway, apparently there is no change in the lipoma, so everything is good and I shouldn’t need another MRI for about two years. Yay!
Then today an old friend came to visit. She just makes my heart happy, I tell you. Cherish your friends.
Only one. More. Day.
Wish me luck.

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Harold · February 27, 2005 at 10:29 pm

Hang in there my dear…you are a good mom.

Kris · March 2, 2005 at 1:41 pm

Same thing happened here. A week off from school and all we did was run, run, run.
We have another week off for Easter break and I swear we’re going to sleep in every day if it kills me!

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