OK, so my last entry was not exactly fair. Nor was my remaining silent afterwards. I guess I was just going through a temporary period of high stress and started to fall back into my usual habits of withdrawal. Actually, just reading my somewhat silly words on the page had a quite theraputic effect to jump start my emergence from said old habits.
I am not exactly sure what has been going on with me lately. I have had almost an aversion to doing what I enjoyed so much before. Writing. Art. Communication. Bleh. I’ve been hoping it will pass, but so far it seems more stubborn than my 5 year old in a full out revolt.
Anyway, the reason I had been so stressed out at the time of my last post was that Gregory has just been suspended from school AND his afterschool program all in the same week. I was a bit at my wit’s end, and he was behaving impossibly EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, it has passed and we are on more of an even keel for now, but I think his very first (and BETTER BE only) suspension from school affected me far more than it did him. I reverted temporarily to the old “What have I done wrong?” mantra that every parent happens across now and again, but which I have heard in my mind MUCH too often lately.
Yes, I know that’s it’s not entirely my fault. And we are working diligently on figuring out what IS going on, both in school with the teachers, and in therapy with his counselor. We’ll find the answer. Hopefully before I end up in the old folks home by mistake by virtue of all my gray hair. :lmao:
And now for something completely different…I found something mildly creepy yet fascinating while going through old photos the other day. Behold:
Me as a baby (awwww, aren’t I cute?):
DJ as a baby (much cuter):
Note the eerie resemblance, despite having different racial makeups. LoL. I was actually quite fascinated by this, because I remember several times seeing images of someone’s family where baby pictures were compared and were scarily similar, but had never experienced it myself (although one of my cousins and I could basically be twins, although 8 years or so apart – but as babies we looked nothing alike).
So anyway, that’s my mesmerizing foray into family history for today. Tune in next time when I explore the horrors of 70s fashion and the mental anguish it inflicts. (lol, ok, just kidding)

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Carla · November 28, 2005 at 11:55 am

I know how theraputic it can be to blog sometimes. Then there are times when obstacles in life just seem to take totaly control over every aspect. I can only imagine how you felt, when thinking “what have I done wrong?”. I don’t have kids, and feel I can’t offer anything of substance. But I must say, hang in there.
Because there is no need for you to be going to the old folks home soooo soon. LOL

Orikinla Osinachi · December 15, 2005 at 11:24 am

It is good once in a while, to take a break and review your resolutions and your priorities. Checks and balances are okay. They help us to put things in perspective. So that we don’t lose focus of the most important things.
Your layout is one of the best I have seen so far since June to date.
It is very good and well planned.
Have a great season.
God bless.

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