I will always love you. Always. But, I guess, sometimes love just isn’t enough. I think maybe not only did I hit my breaking point, I crashed into it so hard that I broke into a million impossible pieces that will never fit together quite the same again. And the piece that is missing, that I gave to you, I can never get back, even if I wanted to try. I will always wish that you had wanted it, but some wishes can’t ever be granted. That piece of me I gave you has been dropped on the floor and shattered into so many more pieces that it may very well disappear, in time, crushed beneath your feet. Maybe then it will stop haunting me. But I will still always love you. And I will take this love and shove it as far down into the recesses of my heart as I can put it, and hold it tight, and try to forget my dreams of you. And, even though my heart will never be whole again, maybe one day I will be OK.

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