I asked you for life
On a breezy midsummer eve
And hoped and longed
For your company

On a midsummer eve
You gave me your answer
And wished me well
But my hopes were dashed to pieces

You gave me your answer
And I looked upon your face
Something broke inside, and I knew
I could never be happy again

On that midsummer eve
Dusk winked at me through clouds
And the birds gathered crumbs
From the dusty ground

The memory of your face was yet fresh
And the birds and the sky called out to me to play
But I felt something break inside, and I couldn’t
Bring myself to smile

You gave me your answer
And the world offered me happiness and joy
But the world was hollow without you
And I could not have both

You bid me farewell
And I felt a part of me leave
That liked to smile and sing
On a midsummer eve

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