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Well, I look around this website and it just doesn’t seem important anymore. What am I really striving for here? I have no purpose. No time. No feeling of identity with it. Work takes up too much time. Besides the Read more…

It’s Over!

Yes, I am actually talking about the holidays. They aren’t particularly my favorite time of year, and this year was no exception. I am not sure if I can recall the last time I had a REALLY great holiday season. So I am glad they are over and I can go forward into a new year with hopefully a better outlook.
I did a little revamping of the site, which will be continuing hopefully. I put up a new layout, which now seems too simplified and uninspired compared to my other skins, but hey, that’s kind of the mood I have been in, so I suppose it fits. I am also going to be removing my gallery completely from this site, only because I want to set up my other domain as my gallery/portfolio/Poser download place. I MAY be replacing the gallery with a photo gallery, though, I haven’t decided yet. Who knows how long that will take to set up, but if there are people who care, I’ll make sure I announce it here when it’s ready.
OK, so the holidays themselves weren’t actually terrible this year. The kids made out like bandits, there are so many many kind and generous people out there, it just gladdens the heart. My mother (of all people) made her once yearly guilt call around Thanksgiving, and ended up buying the boys a new set of bunkbeds. Imagine that. I bought myself a digital camera (can’t afford it, really, but hey, I deserve it), which was promptly stolen when the delivery company merely left it inside the front door of my building (I was home) without ringing my bell or knocking on my apartment door. Nice! Good thing I had documentation that no signature was procured, so Dell sent along another, but not in time for Christmas. However, I managed to trade digicams with someone else who had bought one, and I will give them the one I bought when I see them next. So I did get to snap a few photos of the kids. I am still getting the hang of the thing, so hopefully the pics will get better soon. I’ve put a few of the better ones here in the extended entry. Enjoy. 🙂